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Introduction of the Chulha project

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Toon Dewerchin speak’s about his Chulha Low Smoke Stove project in Laos

Chulha_AirFlowThe Chulha low smoke stove is a low tech solution designed within a philanthropy project by Philips Design. This stove is a further development of the traditional cooking stove in India. During cooking on this traditional stoves, the houses are full of smoke.
The poorest families even don’t have a stove. They cook inside the house on an open fire, using 3 stones to support a pot.

The smoke in the kitchen is causing a lot of health problems: respiration diseases like pneumonia or nose, mouth and eyes infections.

To solve this problem, Philips designed a new stove with a chimney pipe. With the Chulha you even can save up to 50% of wood comparing to the traditional way of cooking. The stove is quite simple and can be build nearly anywhere.
For the development of this stove, Philips got several awards, including a Red Dot award in 2009 and an INDEX award in 2010.

To learn more about the project and health problems about indoor smoke pollutions, please visit our site with more video interviews!

Chulha Low Smoke Stove

3 Comments for : Introduction of the Chulha project
  1. We are distributing cookstoves in NW Thailand. I am interested in the stoves you are distributing. How much do they cost to provide? I am interested in how people in Thailand would take to them. I would also be happy to send you one of our stoves that are very popular in Vietnam if you are interested. I believe in given the consumer as much choice as possible. Where exactly are you working in Laos. Thanks Dylan Perceval-Maxwell

      • jeanne
      • 17. Juli 2014

      Hi Dylan,
      I am currently looking into making smokeless stoves for NW thailand as well. Some of the ministry places if not all, use the 3 stone method and smoke in the homes is a huge health problem. I have been looking online for a blueprint or sorts but I must not be looking in the right place. How can I learn more about your project? Thanks!

    • André Devos MD
    • 14. Juni 2014

    This is a most welcome model project in the health prevention sector, which achieves substantial health improvement in less favoured countries by means of relatively low cost materials and local skills easy to teach and pass on.
    Congratulations Toon, your endeavour is excellent medicine for innumerable people. Keep it up !

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