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Chulha production

Chulha_ExplodedViewThe production of the Chulha is quite simple and can be done nearly anywhere.
The stove is a modular concept and is made of a set of casted concrete parts.

As a first step, you have to mix some concrete, fill up the moulds and wait until the concrete parts are strong enough to remove them out of the moulds.

The chimney pipe and cap can be made out of concrete or clay as well, but we decided to use metal sheet instead. It’s much easier to transport and you can even build it at the place of the customer of the stove.
In the kitchen of the customer, the Chulha team makes a platform from bricks and concrete. The next day, the team comes back for assembling the concrete parts and the chimney pipe.

Cooking on the Chulha is easy and nearly smokeless.
Comparing to the traditional open fire, the stove needs only half of the amount of wood.

To see the whole proces of the production, please visit our page with pictures.

To learn more about the project and health problems related to indoor smoke pollution, please visit our page with more video interviews!



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