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future / still needed

To bring the Chulha Low Smoke Stove project in Laos further, we need your support!

– We are currently building a dedicated workshop for the Chulha production. The building has a roof now but still needs walls!
– What’s needed as well is a small truck to transport the Chulha parts and all necessary tools for the installation of the Chulha. For the moment everything is transported on motorbikes which is very slow and quite dangerous. This means the area where we could install Chulha’s is very limited. Renting a small truck is very expensive, so the stove may be too expensive for people living further away from the location of our Chulha workshop. They may not be able to afford the additional costs for the transport. With a dedicated small Chulha truck we could lower this transport costs massive, so much more people could have access to the stoves and have the opportunity to cook inside their houses without smoke!

Every single cent will go into the project in Laos. None of the money you donate will be used for administration purpose!

To learn more about the project and health problems about indoor smoke pollutions, please visit our page with more video interviews!

Thank you so much for your support!


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